When you are working so many hours and can't get away from the office to get a massage, Spa Events will come right to your office. You can set up an individual session for yourself, or you could set up an appointment for your team.

Spa Events at work offers companies of any size the ability to reward their employees with relaxing and rejuvenating chair massages. Our method of providing chair massage services is not just as a relaxation tool, but it is also used to help improve an employee's health and wellness. Many office employees suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain, especially if their occupation is primarily seated at a desk and computer. Several studies have shown that massage therapy would decrease anxiety and stress, as well as reduce many work-related issues like headaches, fatigue, and pain. In turn, employers benefit by having their employees relaxed, and motivated, which leads to an increase in productivity, and maintains employee retention. Spa Events offers your company that benefit. Learn more on how you and your employees could benefit from chair massages therapy.


On-Site Corporate Chair Massage Price
Non-Member (60 min) $ 119.00
Member (60 min) $ 99.00
Introductory Rate $ 99.00
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